We are entering the energy market with VERWAY Clean Energy!

With new, innovative technologies, a variety of renewable energy products and services, VERWAY Clean Energy is entering the 300 billion energy sector.

According to UN statistics, fossil energy sources will decline over the next 40 years. The solution for this development means: decentralized and regenerative energy supply. The future is now, do not wait until the last energy source has been exploited.

100% green electricity

Unconsciously many people still support the brown coal production and nuclear power with conventional electricity contracts.

  • With VERWAY Clean Energy we offer you 100% green electricity at competitive rates.
  • It’s the easiest way to do good for the environment!

You help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. You use climate-friendly green electricity and make an important contribution to the power supply from renewable energy sources in the grid.

Infinite energy

The advantage lies in the infinity of sun and wind

Free energy source

We do not have to import it – it’s right on our doorstep

Low pollutant emissions

The wind turbine causing very little to no pollutants


Low noise & vibration free




Enjoy independence from the economy and the electricity providers

Space savings

In comparison to photovoltaics, we need only 7% of the space


24/7 Electricity production through hybrid technology


Subtle and elegant design

If you interested to know more get in touch right now

Our Partners are taking good care of you!

Our partners are well informed and trained to support you with this one of a kind clean energy solution. We have new partners joining to the business all over Germany.
Saving the environment and taking care of your needs for long term is the ultimate goal everyone is looking for.


The VERWAY Clean Energy Hybrid Wind Power and Photovoltaic System is the only compact power system in the world to combine both wind power and solar energy into one system.

That means 93% less need for space compared to conventional photovoltaic technologies.

Clean energy – Compact and efficient

  • High Efficiency with low maintenance

  • Unique efficiency worldwide even at averagewind speeds (4-6 m/s)

From self-contained systems for single-family homes to scalable systems for small to medium-sized businesses, VERWAY Clean Energy offers high-quality solutions at an optimal price-performance ratio.

Unique selling point & special features
  • Patented aerodynamic housing for wind acceleration in the case
  • Wind power combined with photovoltaic for optimised power generation every day & night
  • Fantastic values even in the low wind range
  • Space savings compared to pure photovoltaic systems
  • Maximum flexibility in the choice of location for installation
  • Mechanical wind adjustment
  • No icing
  • You will not be disturbed, our system is quiet

Please note that the product is still under development
and therefore not available yet.

Hallo mein Name ist Waldemar Bernhardt.

Sonne und Wind gehört uns allen, unsere Kinder werden uns danken, nutzen wir schon heute die Saubere Energie im Garten oder auf dem Dach.

Ich bin ein lizenzierter Partner von Verway Clean Energy, komme aus dem Süden Deutschlands und berate Sie gerne.

Be part of the revolution

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